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This function allows storing mass spectral data in a standard two-column ASCII data format. The function export ASCII is available from the File menu bar and can be used to export individual original or pre-processed mass spectra (not peaklists!). Select first the spectra to be exported from the listbox denoted with MicrobeMS spectra ID`s and chose then export ASCIIoriginal spectra or pre-processed spectra. This will open a standard file browser dialog box which allows indicating the core file name, selecting the file type and to navigate to the location on the hard drive to store the spectra.

If the extensions '*.txt' or '*.dat' are chosen, spectra will be stored as two-column vectors of m/z values (first column) and the respective MS intensity values (second column). Delimiter is space in these cases.

Spectra are also stored as a two-column vectors (first column: m/z values, second column: MS intensities) in case of the '*.csv' format. The delimiter of csv files is comma.

Export of mass spectra into a ASCII files

Exporting mass spectra into ASCII-formatted data files.