How to Obtain a License

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Once you have accepted all terms of the license agreement you can download a free version of MicrobeMS. In order to run MicrobeMS an additional license key file ('keygen.gen') must be obtained and copied into the toolbox directory of MicrobeMS. This individual license key is NOT included in the MicrobeMS installation package and will be send to you only on request. Please e-mail your request together with your name and an institutional address to the following e-mail address:


The license key will be valid for three years (MicrobeMS v.0.82 and later).

In case of the pcode toolbox edition of MicrobeMS the license key should be copied either into the directory {userpath}\Matlab (usually 'C:\User\YourWindowsUserName\Documents\Matlab'), or directly into the MicrobeMS toolbox directory, usually 'C:\User\YourWindowsUserName\Documents\Matlab\mass'.

The license key for the stand-alone version should be copied into the root directory of MicrobeMS, usually 'C:\program files\MicrobeMS\MicrobeMS' (note that administrator rights may be required).